The website has started

We have launched our website where you can find news and informations about Amphenol Sincere Industrial Product Ltd. and the Amphenol group. Contact details of our sales colleagues in the menu item below.

The Amphenol company

For more than 75 years, Amphenol has enjoyed success as a provider of connectivity technology for leading companies in the industry around the world. Amphenol is diversified in eight fast-growing segments of the electronics market: Military, Commercial Aerospace, Manufacturing, Automotive, IT Datacom, Mobile Devices, and Broadband Networks. (See Markets)

Our goal is simple – to develop leading technologies that improve the performance of our customers’ products, systems and networks. We are particularly excited about the many new markets that continue to emerge, our latest solutions, including next-generation electric and autonomous vehicles, advanced battery storage systems, alternative power generation, corporate data centers and wearable consumer devices.

About us in a few words

Amphenol Sincere Industrial Product Ltd. became known as an automotive supplier in Baranya County after its official opening on 27 September 2019. In response to the changes, we closed 2020 with a large expansion and a change of location.

We are constantly improving our technology and professional team to achieve our expansion goals for the coming years. Our short-term plans include taking a role in the production of parts for medical equipment, as with other factory units in the group.