The 2023 Summer Student Job Program has just started at Amphenol

The academic year has just ended, but four enthusiastic students have already traded their schoolwork for work commitments at Amphenol. Moreover, during the summer, teenagers who feel the urge to try themselves in other areas besides the school will work for us in several tours.

This week, students between the ages of 16 and 22 started the work at our factory in Cserkút, so that after a month or two of working, they can throw themselves into the summer vacation with an adequate amount of pocket money.

Some of them took up a job to finance their university studies, others want to save money for their vacation. One of our student workers said that she works because she prefers to spend her own money, rather than asking her parents for money again and again. This is not the first time she has taken on a summer job, because she has found that she appreciates money better and spends more thoughtfully if she spends from the amount she earns herself.

Our student workers work in different positions and in different departments. Some are in the production area, some work in the warehouse and some work in the quality assurance department. They all find their work very interesting, they like to come to work, because they are in a completely different environment than at school. They dare to ask questions if they are unsure about something, because the other workers and their superiors are also very nice, friendly and helpful.

As an employer, Amphenol is also very happy with such dedicated and hardworking summer workers, because they will be the ones who, after finishing school, will not face a completely new situation when they start working. The world of work will be familiar to them, and they will find their place in the new environment more easily and quickly.