Our people

Our greatest assets are our hard-working, dedicated and entrepreneurial employees across the globe. Since our founding in 1932, our employees’ commitment to success has allowed Amphenol to grow to be one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. We honor this commitment by making the right choices for our business to deliver the best and safest working conditions for our employees.

Workplace Safety and Well-being

We recognize that the safety and well-being of our employees goes hand in hand with our success.

To support them, many of our locations supplement traditional healthcare benefits with in-house health care clinics, mental health and counseling support, on-site flu shots, dental care, optional exercise classes, nutritional counseling and healthy food services.

Keeping our employees safe has always been one of our highest priorities at Amphenol. The actions we have taken over the past three years during the COVID pandemic to protect our factory employees, who make up the vast majority of our workforce, have allowed us to safeguard their health while also ensuring we are able to continue to manufacture and provide products to our customers.

The coordination of onsite safety programs, resources, reporting and training is conducted locally by our EHS&S and human resources staff to ensure these programs are properly communicated and understood. Our corporate EHS&S team works closely with our local teams to ensure our facilities are operating safely. To support a safe working environment for our factory workers, most of our operations have safety committees and some employ safety management systems, including ISO 45001. While our safety training is conducted locally, our employee training hours are tracked at a corporate level through our internal reporting systems. We believe that this model of tracking at the corporate level, but administering at the local level, has allowed us to provide training and supervision that best fits the needs of our global workforce.

Committing to Safety

Amphenol Optimize – Nogales, Mexico
In August 2022, our local EHS team in Nogales, Mexico hosted a safety event attended by nearly 200 managers and employees from our 15 local manufacturing sites. The Safety Day event further strengthened management and EHS leadership’s commitment to make worker safety a top priority across our operations. The event included speeches from the local General Manager and EHS managers, as well as from corporate human resources and the EHS&S team. The event concluded with all attendees signing a safety commitment banner that reads “En Amphenol Optimize, todos nos comprometemos con la seguridad” (At Amphenol Optimize, we are all committed to safety). The teachings from the event were then deployed to the local individual operations and each manufacturing building was given its own banner for employees to sign a pledge for a safe workplace. These banners serve as a constant reminder of our commitment to safety at all levels.

Talent Development

We remain committed to investing in our people to provide them with the skills they need today and in the future.

We want to ensure that our business remains competitive, which means supporting our employees with the training and tools they need to develop and enhance their professional skills. Our businesses around the world support continuous learning and advanced training for the development of new skills. We also enable employee transfers to support new job opportunities in different business units or when employees choose to relocate. In addition, some of our facilities offer tuition reimbursement to support employee development and life-long learning.

ESG and Anti-Human Trafficking/Forced Labor Training

As worldwide interest around environmental and social responsibility continues to grow, Amphenol decided to launch a large-scale employee training effort focusing on ESG and anti-human trafficking and slavery (AHTS). Our corporate EHS&S team worked with our human resource team to identify specific human trafficking and forced labor challenges our employees and individuals involved in our value chain may potentially face. The training also focused on best practices across both ESG and AHTS, emphasizing the “see something, say something” public awareness slogan. Once topic areas were determined, our corporate EHS&S team developed a scripted training deck, which was subsequently translated into 18 additional languages besides English. The corporate team conducted train-the-trainer sessions with our human resources staff, who then delivered the content in both virtual and classroom settings throughout the organization in our employees’ local languages. Within a few months, 94% of our manufacturing facility employees had received general awareness training on the principles of ESG and AHTS, and the content has been integrated into our new employee onboarding process.

Community Outreach

Our facilities actively engage with our communities because we realize how critical the health and vitality of these communities are to our own employees and to our business.

Most of our community outreach is organized locally by our teams, which helps ensure that our efforts are directly supporting the local communities in which our employees live and work. These activities often include sponsoring and partnering with local charitable organizations to provide food for homeless shelters, organize activities at retirement centers, clean up local habitats, donate school supplies to needy children and sponsor gift drives during the holidays. In other cases, our facilities are improving their communities directly through the donations of resources or time. Whether through giving back to the community, volunteering time or creating opportunities for local employment, our teams at Amphenol remain committed to helping the communities in which they live.

Ensuring Connectivity During a Hurricane

Times Fiber Communications – Chatham, Virginia
We continue to support our local communities impacted by natural disasters and take pride in our ability to support customers through uncertain times. Before Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida, our team in Chatham, Virginia began manufacturing and preparing to deliver replacement aerial cable which is most often damaged by hurricane-force wind and rain. Soon after the storm hit, one of our customers needed buried cable that had been washed out in the severe flooding, which we quickly manufactured. As a result of our foresight, our team was able to manufacture over 800,000 feet of broadband cable within the first 24 hours of the storm’s landfall. In total, we delivered one million feet of cable, allowing customers to continue to provide communications despite the catastrophic storm.

Diversity and Inclusion

Amphenol is a global, multicultural company and our employees reflect the diversity of our geographic footprint.

At Amphenol, we aim to create an inclusive working environment where all employees are respected and treated equitably. While our company spans the globe, we remain agile by not standardizing our approach across our businesses. We rely on local nationals to serve as general managers in every region, a unique approach that we believe creates a strong degree of organizational stability and a deep commitment to our people and the communities in which they live.View our EEO-1 filing