ASIP carries a wide range of products with unique capabilities, applications and target industries. From individual components to complex assembly, ASIP has a solution for any complex electrification project.

CCS = Cell Connecting Systems

Cell Connection Systems (CCS) integrate sensors, inter-cell bus bars and the associated harnessing structure into the cover of a battery module and pack. The CCS provides temperature and voltage sensing at the cell and bus bar level and ensures low resistance power connectivity to each cell across the pack.

Flexible Circuits and Assemblies (FPC/FPCA)

Flexible circuits are customized specifically for fixed connection point, the production of products and customer installation operations have repeatability, reproducibility, it is easy to install and reduce the cost of installation errors. Contrast to the same design of the PCB or wiring harness applications, can save up to 60% of the weight and space for the end products more closely, lightweight and clean the inner connection scheme.

Bus bars

Amphenol offers deep experience, modelling capabilities and manufacturing options for all types of bus bars.

Cable Harness

Amphenol offers harness solutions based on standard or custom requirements, integrating and complementing the wide range of EV / HEV full interconnect systems.

Electro-mechanical and Electronic integrations

Amphenol Sincere sells over 50% of its products with some form of assembly incorporated. Ranging from simple assembly to more complex system integration, Amphenol works with customers on a case-by-case basis to optimize value for both partners. So contact us to explore our capabilities beyond component manufacturing.