Instead of Győr, he has chosen Pécs and Amphenol

Ákos Selymes joined our team as a logistics engineer at the beginning of the year. He took an unusual path, as he moved from Győr back to his hometown, Pécs, as he felt working for Amphenol would be the right career move for him.

Where did you graduate? What motivated you when choosing your specialization?

I graduated from Széchenyi István University in Győr, Faculty of Audi Hungária Automotive Engineering, as a Logistics Engineer.
I wanted to study a profession, which not only provides a secure future and interesting challenges, but also a continuously developing profession. I feel that I made the right decision because logistics is exactly like this.

Why did you leave your previous job to work for Amphenol?

The previous company could not provide the level of professional development and challenges that I felt Amphenol would provide. It was absolutely worth it because I was not disappointed in my intuition. I’m constantly being involved in new projects, meaning I’m learning new things all the time.

What do you love about your job at Amphenol?

Perhaps the best thing is that my projects are very diverse. I am surrounded by experienced, excellent professionals, this way I can learn a lot.

What are you proud of from your achievements at Amphenol?

I haven’t been with the company for long, but I could tell from the very first day, that my work is useful, I get important projects and I can support my colleagues’ work and the factory’s operation.

Why is it good to work at Amphenol?

The Hungarian company itself is young, and the entire factory has a young team and a good atmosphere. Employees are kind, and we organize many corporate team building programs.
I love nature, so I especially like the geographic location of the factory, the green environment, which doesn’t feel like an industrial park. Environmental awareness is important at the company, the work environment is clean and quiet.
The company is developing and changing rapidly, there are many projects on the horizon, which I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for to be realized.