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Amphenol is one of the world’s largest connector manufacturers. The Company designs, manufactures and distributes electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat tape cables, as well as connection systems.

The primary customers of the Company’s products are those active in the communication and information processing segment. Their products include mobile phones, data communication and information processing systems; aerospace and military electronics; as well as components for automotive, rail and other means of transport.

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Amphenol Sincere Industrial Product Ltd. became known in Baranya County after its official opening on 27 September 2019. Responding quickly to the changes, we have closed 2020 with a large expansion.

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ASIP carries a wide range of products with unique capabilities, applications and target industries. From individual components to complex assembly, ASIP has a solution for any complex electrification project.

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Our business strategy is based on providing for the complete life cycle services management.

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Amphenol Sincere Industrial Product Ltd.
H-7673 Cserkút, Batvölgyi út 3.
Tel.: +36-72/998-690

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