Helpful and friendly environment, countless possibilities

This is how Kristóf Masszi, a student at PTE’s Faculty of Business and Economics, briefly describes his internship at Amphenol.

What kind of expectations did you have regarding this internship program?

I attended business administration and management course in english at PTE Faculty of Business and Economics.

When I was looking for an internship, I definitely wanted an opportunity where I could be a useful member for the company, and where my tasks are not only monotonous, administrative tasks, but more exciting and more challenging.

What experiences did you collect from your previous internships?

During my compulsory internship, I worked at a small IT company. The company had a family atmosphere, which was pleasant, but there I felt like I would have more opportunity to learn and to gain experience at a bigger multinational-like company.

How are you feeling so far here at Amphenol?

Amphenol provided a solution for these ideas of mine, so far, I feel very good here. I was particularly happy that there was a connection to electric cars, as this topic interests me a lot. During the interview, I realised, that this place is a great opportunity for me, as Amphenol is growing very rapidly and offers great opportunities for young professionals, like myself.

What kind of tasks did you get so far?

I loved my projects so far, because I don’t get them pointlessly, the projects I’m responsible for have meaning and I can contribute to the successful operation of the company. The tasks, I’m assigned are useful and interesting, as I learn about the company and the products. Most of my tasks are building on each other. Most recently, I put together a material for new employees that introduces the products we work with at Amphenol.

Did you learn something special during your internship at Amphenol?

During my time at Amphenol, I was able to immerse myself in the life of a real large company, where I got an insight into the world of real work. If I have to highlight one thing, that would be teamwork. The help and cooperation between people and different units is crucial for progression. A very important thing both for interns and employees, is that the community is very welcoming and helpful, everyone is very nice.