Destiny written at the Night of Companies in Pécs

This is an interview with Gergő Babits, a Process Engineer at Amphenol Cserkút, about work-life balance and what exactly happened at the Night of Companies.

As far as I know, you have a nice story about your first encounter with people from Amphenol. Could you please share it with us?

I met my current colleagues from Amphenol in the Summer of 2022, when there was the first Night of Companies in Pécs event. They were sitting at the terrace of Pub called Bazár, when I went there to introduce myself. But they were faster than me and asked for some drinks, as they thought I was the waiter. After this funny affair we had a great discussion and I got to know a lot about the company, the future plans and I left the table with a positive picture in my mind about Amphenol. Before I left, the asked me to take a picture of the team, which is still on the website of Amphenol Hungary.

You first moved from Pécs to Budapest, then back to your hometown. Why did you chose to come back to Pécs?

A moved to Budapest because of my studies. After the university we lived there for 3 years, but I couldn’t imagine myself living there for a long time. Both my family and friends are from Pécs and while living in Budapest we very often traveled home. In the Summer of 2021 we finally moved back to Pécs and I started to work at a company in Dombóvár. Because of this I spent 2 hours per day commuting, which wasn’t really great, so I decided to look for another job, this time in Pécs.

You have had some work experience before Amphenol. What would you highlight about the work at Amphenol?

I can highlight many positive things about Amphenol. The level of automation here is much higher than at any of my previous workplaces. The atmosphere and the team spirit is also better at Amphenol. I work in a team of young and talented engineers and I can learn a lot and develop fast, which helps my professional career. I like that my work is challenging and never monotonous.

If you had the chance to message to your younger self, what would you advise to him?

Definitely I would highlight the importance of languages, especially English. In my everyday work I have to use English at a professional level, as I have to write e-mails or participate in meetings with our colleagues from the US or China.