Amphenol Pécs is celebrating its third anniversary

Three years ago, on the 27th of September, 2019, at the opening ceremony of Amphenol Industrial Products Ltd in Pécs, the first speech was held by Mr. Martin Booker, Vice-president of Amphenol Industrial Products Group. This visit to Pécs showed the intent of the company to switch to a higher gear in Europe besides its excellent results achieved in Americas and Asia.

In the past 3 years Amphenol Pécs achieved great financial results and expanded rapidly. The Opening Ceremony was held still in Bajor Street, where production started with 26 operators and 2 people in management. It took only a year for Amphenol to outgrow its facilities in the Industrial Park and move to Cserkút, where high quality temperature and Voltage control systems are manufactured.

The company, currently employing 130 people and operating in a 7000 square meter factory hall manufactured its 3millionth product beginning of September, just 2 weeks apart from its 3rd anniversary. According to Attila Sánta, Plant Manager at Amphenol Sincere Industrial Products Ltd. in Pécs, Amphenol Hungary has to grow rapidly to be able to satisfy the huge demand for their products. ‘We set our foot in Europe, which resulted in growing interests in our products. Hungary is dedicated to become an unavoidable player in the field of electric vehicle products in Europe, which will result in growing demand for our products as well.

Pécs Plant is achieving excellent financial results year by year (15 million USD turnover in 2019, doubled for 2020 and a forecasted 50 million USD turnover for 2022) and is constantly improving its technology and professional team. A 2000 square meter factory hall is waiting for the new production lines to arrive and start operations in order to boost production in Cserkút.

At Amphenol Pécs management believes that the key to success lies in its employees and company culture. Amphenol is a place, where people like to work and are proud of their work as well as of their workplace, Amphenol. Amphenol is now hiring. Please visit for more information.