Amphenol Hungary just hit another record: yesterday we produced our seven millionth product in Hungary!

We recently celebrated our three millionth product, and now we are on our seven millionth product at Amphenol’s factory in Cserkút.

In September 2019, when Amphenol opened its first factory in Hungary, it was only a dream that the company would produce 7 million products in just over four years. However, the Bajor Street company, which employed only 28 people at the time, outgrew its Pécs site 1 year after its foundation and moved to Cserkút, and in September 2022, almost 3 years to the day after the opening ceremony, the company reached its 3 millionth product manufactured.

And the pace of development has not slowed down even after that. It took three years to make the first 3 million products, and only one and a half years to make the next 4 million, and on 21 February 2024, our factory in Cserkút reached its 7 millionth product!

Our company has reached another important milestone. Congratulations to all my colleagues for this fantastic achievement and thank you for your conscientious, competent and effective work! In addition to our employees, we would also like to thank our suppliers, without whom we would not have been able to achieve this enormous progress.” – said Mr. Attila Sánta, Plant Manager Amphenol Sincere Industrial Product Ltd.