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Amphenol Sincere Industrial Product Ltd.

Amphenol can be divided into three major business divisions, Amphenol Harsh Environment Solutions, Amphenol Communication Solutions and Amphenol Interconnect Sensor Systems. Our factory in Hungary, Amphenol Sincere Industrial Product, or ASIP for short, is a member of the Amphenol High Power Technology Industrial group within the Amphenol Harsh Environment Solutions business unit.

Our company works closely with Guangzhou Amphenol Sincere Flex Circuit (GASF) in China. Our factories have market-leading technologies in the integration of the battery cell connection system of the voltage and temperature sensor devices of electric vehicles (EV) and industrial energy storage systems, as well as in the design and manufacture of high-performance connection systems for the same applications. We are a global player in FPCA (Flexible Printed Circuit Board Assembly) and CCS (Cell Connecting System) design, system integration and electromechanical and electronic assembly.

In 2019, Amphenol opened its only Hungarian subsidiary in Pécs, which is a rapidly growing factory of Amphenol.

In the beginning, here in Hungary, we produced special, unique battery parts for European premium electric cars. Thanks to the continuous expansions and technical developments, we now carry out certain steps of product development and the development of new technologies locally, in Cserkút. We also launched our newest business, high-voltage cable assembly, for which the mechanical design is already done in-house.

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ASIP evolution

Amphenol Values

At Amphenol, we do the right thing, always. Maintaining our integrity and reputation will always be our priority.

Amphenol’s shared values to be ethical at all times, create a diverse workforce, empower our people, create a sustainable business and continue to innovate for customers is fully endorsed by our Board of Directors and Executive Management. Our corporate sustainability initiatives are supported and reviewed by Amphenol’s Board of Directors.

Environmental policy

Amphenol Sincere Industrial Product Ltd. (ASIP) declares environmental protection as strategic area and, in accordance with its decision, defines its environmental policy in line with key aspects as follows.

  • Minimizing greenhouse gas emission
  • Sustainable resource management
  • Life cycle approach waste management

With this mindset, we established our environmental system, striving to achieve our environmental objectives.

  • Year over year reduction of environmental impact
  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Adequate training of employees in environmental regulations
  • Increasing awareness of employees
  • Continuously monitor carbon footprint, with clear goals of reduction

Key aspects of environmental policy and objectives were communicated to all employees in the organization, to ensure the policy is implemented, and followed. Recurring trainings and management reviews are implemented to sustain it.

Governance documents

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Human Rights Policy: